“We love it loud… but we love it beautiful at the same time”: a chat with Pulse Park

Q: Hello, Pulse Park! Your sound consists of shoegaze, emo, alternative, punk, indie and noise rock. How do you call your sub-genre?
A: When we started, we were thinking about this. At first, we called it “psychoacoustic noise pop”. But our music changes all the time. For instance, when we changed from a four-piece to a trio, we became a lot heavier. There is this popular German rock group, Tocotronic, who had a song called “Es ist ganz einfach Rockmusik” which means “It is – quite simply – just rock music”: we can relate to that.

Q: You seem to have a broad variety of influences: what are they?
A: It is quite obvious that we love it loud… but we love it beautiful at the same time. The great thing about playing in a trio is that there is enough room for all of us to show our influences. Oliver loves non-heavy noisy stuff: Sonic Youth, Pixies, Blonde Redhead, etc… You can hear it in all those little details and fills, the dynamics he plays with. Frank has a soft spot for weirdness: Zappa is the first thing that comes to mind; he loves experimenting with effects boxes. And Magnusson is totally into abrasive noise rock like The Jesus Lizard or Shellac. But he’s a sucker for strong melodies, too.

Q: You album is called “Phonac Music”: why?
A: Phonac Music used to be a record store in the 80s. We don’t have any idea what that name was supposed to say but it got its own meaning for us. Phonac Music is loud, good and heartfelt. It is music that gathers everything you can give. The sum of all parts with maximum intensity.

Q: Anything you can tell us about the album artwork?
A: Oliver saw it at an exhibition in Montreal. He asked Richard, the painter who made it, of we may use it and he was extremely friendly and supportive.

Q: What does it mean?
A: We didn‘t ask Richard what he intended to express. Everybody should make up their own minds about it. For us, it seems like a good metaphor for the way we created this record.

Q: Your music reminds a lot of early-to-mid 90s independent rock. The world has changed a lot since then – especially in rock music. Do you foresee a 90s revival that you could be a part of?
A: As you said: the world was different back then. Music meant so much more to so many people. These days you see a lot of 80s reenactment. If that happened to the 90s we wouldn‘t want to have anything to do with it. If there was a renaissance of bands to play good music from the heart to blow all that postmodern hipster bullshit away, we‘d be happy to have a part in it.


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